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High Pressure Inbuild Gear Pumps


A Parker pressure-loaded gear pump consists of two, intermeshing, hardened-steel, precision-ground gear, assemblies. These precision gears are enclosed by a high-strength, die-cast aluminum front cover, back cover and a high-yield, strength-extruded aluminum center section.

Gear assemblies consist of one drive gear, shrinkfitted on a precision-ground and polished drive shaft. This shaft extends outside the pump to permit coupling to an external prime mover. The second gear, being the driven gear, is also shrink-fitted on a precision-ground and polished driven shaft. Retaining rings, which are installed in grooves provided on the shaft, ensure that the gears will not move axially, and a key keeps the drive gear from moving radially.

A lip-type, shaft seal is provided at the drive shaft to prevent external leakage of pump fluid. The sealing lip in contact with the fluid is spring-loaded. Vent passages within the housings and driven shaft communicate pump inlet pressure to the rotary seal area, thus imposing the lowest possible pressure at the rotary seal for extended seal life.

Pump rotation is dependent upon the proper orientation of the heat shield, backup gasket, and rubber seal in the front cover housing, the center section and rear cover, respectively. Pumping action is achieved by connecting the pump drive shaft to a prime mover, and rotating the gears away from the inlet port. Rotation causes the gear mesh to increase on the inlet side and decrease on the outlet (pressure) side.